Hush Darkrose is not as smart as she thinks she is

Hush Darkrose reuploaded all of her skin textures following disclosures on this blog of watermark evidence proving that she ripped textures from both Curio and League.

What she apparently forgot: any version from before the texture change is still out there, and once a texture is uploaded, it stays on LL’s asset servers even if she deletes it from her inventory and even if every skin using that texture is deleted by everyone who has it. There are ways of finding the underlying UUID of a texture asset. See the image below in which the UUID of a Hush demo skin texture from before her little “oh shit” reupload is visible. The worn items inventory tab, and the item properties window, are both open so that there can be absolutely no question what we’re looking at.

Since it’s cut off, that UUID is a25aa38a-decd-835c-4453-99dff055879f.

And here is a little LSL script that will put that texture on a prim. Scale it up, set full bright, and you’ll see the same watermark artifacts.  So, Hush: Nice try, but you fail.

        string texture = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, 0);
        llSetTexture("a25aa38a-decd-835c-4453-99dff055879f", ALL_SIDES);

And the hits just keep on coming

Pictures worth a thousand words time again:

this is part of  the texture of the “new” Hush skin, Juliette, currently available from her in-world location as a preview. Look very very closely at the circled area (again this texture is unedited, save for crop, resize and highlighting features of interest).


Now here for comparison purposes is the same area of a League skin texture:


And once again, League texture overlaid on Hush, this time with 3% opacity (just enough to see the ghost of the letters, which match the traces on the Hush texture):


The traces of Gala Phoenix’s watermark shown in the previous posting are still there, but there’s this new addition. Friendly advice: when you’re in a hole? Stop digging.

Regarding the Hush/Curio situation

A picture as they say is worth a thousand words. 

In this case, three pictures.

The images below are cropped from SL skin textures; neither has been altered except for cropping, resizing, and adding a circle to point out the salient features of interest. The Hush skin texture is representative of her skins for sale in SL; they all carry the same identifying mark. How I got the textures, I won’t share; there are ways, it’s not relevant to the point of this, though.